A Christmas Miracle

It was December in northern New York, and the snow had already begun to fall.  We live in a region where snow boots aren’t just an added bonus if you have them, but a bare necessity.  My new friend walks around two miles to work and two miles home each day, whether there is snow on the ground or not.  (and believe me, there’s usually snow)

I’d taken her home one day and happened to ask if she had a good pair of snow boots.  She sort of hesitantly answered, “Yes, they are ok.”  I knew by her answer we needed to find a new pair for her.  A few days later, after speaking with a few friends and finding no other “extra” pairs of snow boots laying around, we decided to look online.  After a good thirty minute search at least, we found nothing in her size with good reviews.  We didn’t really have time to drive forty five minutes to the mall that day, so what were we to do?

After a few phone calls to our local sports authority retailer, we were in the car with silent prayers lifted up that this would be the place since it seemed our last hope.  We walked in, mentioned, snow boots, size ten and the employee we had spoken to earlier went in the back to get them.  You see, they only had two snow boots.  My friend tried on the size ten in first one boot and then the other.  Then she tried the size 9 in both boots, sadly she needed the nine and a half, which neither boot came in.  Our hopes were a bit crushed as we sat there disappointed thinking we’d have to leave empty handed.

Seeing our saddened faces, the salesman said he’d take one more look around the stock room for a size ten while he put the other boots away.  Much to our surprise he came out with a boot box in his hands and a big smile on his face.  Then he said to us, “I have no idea where these came from.  They were on a top shelf, in an obscure location and we have no other size in them.  You should be able to get a good deal on them, being that we only have this one pair.”  Now my friend, who was smiling ear to ear, later told me, at this very point he opened the box and she took one look at the boots and knew they were hers.  BUT, just to appease the rest of us, she tried them on.  And, you guessed it, they fit like a glove!  She took a few steps in the store, since the mom in me encouraged her to do so, and then announced, “these are perfect”!!

We walked, or should I say, floated up to the counter and gave them our coupon and ended up getting the one of a kind, cutest snow boots in town for thirty dollars!!  (The price on the box said seventy five to begin with!)  As we paid, the salesclerk remarked that he “just couldn’t believe this”.  We told him, he had just experienced a Christmas miracle!  He said that he would be thinking of this the rest of the day.  My friend and I practically ran out to the car rejoicing, laughing, saying how good our God is!  She just kept repeating, “All the time, He provides, all the time!”


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