My Foot is Slipping

“When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ Your love, O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.” Ps. 94: 18-19

The winter of 2009, the year I turned forty brought both relief from years of endometriosis, and a time I would learn a huge lesson of God’s never-ending love for me. I had undergone a partial hysterectomy and had a normal recovery and had felt my strength return. I traveled from our home in upstate NY to Nashville, Tennessee, to attend a pastors’ wives’ conference when I started having what I thought were symptoms of a bladder infection. I called my physician, and he had a prescription antibiotic ready for me when I returned home.

This started a seven-week journey of faith for me as I went to many appointments and procedures to “fix” the infection that was inside of me. I was in agony, and honestly felt as if I would lose my mind before someone found and treated my problem. The intensity of my symptoms grew worse and worse until finally one day I walked into the doctor’s office (where I was working as an RN at the time) and announced to the doctor, “You have GOT to help me!” After two minutes of my explaining my symptoms, he knew it was a surgical problem. I was seen by another surgeon the next day and operated on the next. During a fifteen minute surgery my “necrotic” organ was removed, and I was on my way to recovery.

Finally, the nightmare was over, but then the questions lingered, “Why me, Lord? Why did you save me from widespread infection, when others you don’t? Why would you chose to leave me here, when others lose their lives?” He quietly in my soul, whispered, “Rest in Me, lean on Me, trust in Me.”

As I rested and recovered for the next six weeks, I became so very frustrated not being able to perform my usual wife and mom duties. On one particular day, when I was at the height of my frustration, I read the above verses from Psalms. I was so moved that day by His words to me, all I could utter was, “Support me, Lord, support me, Lord.” An hour later it was, “I’m slipping, Lord, I’m slipping.” Over and over I said these words of faith to Him.

My biggest tangible need that day was the mound of laundry piling up in our basement! I was unable to do the stairs over and over and lift the laundry, so the task had been moved to my husband’s shoulders. He had so much on him, caring for our two daughters and me that laundry had to wait.

That afternoon I received a phone call from a dear church friend who said, “Laura, I was wondering if you needed any help today. Like, would you like for me to come over and help with anything, like perhaps laundry?” When she spoke these words to me, it was as if God himself had put His arms around me and said, “I care for you, I love you, I am always here for you.” Yes, I had to swallow a bit of pride, but I accepted this act of kindness from her and our family once again had clean clothes!

So, you see, dear one, God not only cares enough about us to give us eternal life in Him, but He cares enough to encourage us when we’re down and out. Call out to Him in your distress, beg Him to love you in tangible ways! He will run to your side and comfort you with His love.

lauraLaura Drury and her husband Brian have
served at Calvary Baptist Church for the
past 17 years. They have two daughter
ages 11 and 13.


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